Budget XL

Similar design to the Major Elite for 2-8 year olds.

Basic no frills ‘umbrella folding’ buggy for a larger child, say 2 years to 8 years. Similar in design to the Maclaren Major Elite, it looks like another manufacturer’s copy. Indeed much of the text on this page is the same as for the Maclaren Major Elite…but with the name changed! It is especially suited for a child who is not able to walk yet or, more likely, can walk…but not far enough (or reliably in the direction which you want to go !). 

Compared to the Major Elite…

Positive customer feedback:

  • the seat fabric wraps over the side of the pushchair frame both padding the metal frame a bit and also covering the gap in the frame which some children like to put their hands through
  • lower price

Negative customer feedback:

  • the footplate fixing method is a bit more rudimentary and so not as easy to fit, although this may be something which would become easier with use and familiarity
  • only 3 levels of shoulder strap height adjustment, and shoulder straps are shorter

Robustly made with an aluminium frame the Budget XL Special Needs Stroller is sturdy enough for a child up to 45kg while still being reasonably lightweight.

If a child is too big for the Budget XL then the Ergo Lightweight Pushchair may be suitable.

It comes with a One Year Manufacturers Warranty but do be aware that this only covers defects of manufacture not ‘wear and tear’ – both the warranty and the safe working load may be significantly reduced if the child is not a co-operative occupant.

The Budget XL Special Needs Stroller has relatively small 7″ wheels which are best suited to smooth surfaces, it will struggle off road or with a larger child even on a cobbled street (see our other pushchairs, e.g. Advance Mobility Independence) so it is essentially an urban pushchair. On the other hand the relatively small ‘footprint’ of the Budget XL Special Needs Stroller makes it much more suitable than the other pushchairs for use around town, inside shops or other places indoors, e.g. School.

It is fairly common that neither the Budget XL Special Needs Stroller nor our other pushchairs will go everywhere you need to go. The Advance Mobility Freedom will do the recreational ‘quality of life’ trips to the park, the woods, the beach…but isn’t that practical around town or inside shops, the Budget XL Special Needs Stroller will do the town and shops…but isn’t practical off road….so many people have one of each and we can do a very competitive price package if you buy both.

The Key Features:

7″ swivel front wheels

  • good manoeuvrability in small places
  • small wheels unsuitable for rough surfaces
  • hard wheels no suspension
  • not lockable

Adjustable footplate

  • three position footplate to suit child leg length
  • location slots for fitting Foot Straps or Ankle Straps (not supplied)
  • has to be removed before folding


  • fixed angle not adjustable
  • exposed position for the ‘occupant’, lacks privacy


  • maximum weight limit 110lbs, 50kg (but check dimensions)

Low maintenance

  • wipe clean (sponge-able) fabrics
  • tough plastic non pneumatic wheels (no punctures !)

Five point adjustable height harness

  • 3 height position shoulder strap adjustment

Compact folding

  • folds compactly

Lightweight but robust aluminium frame

  • 1 year warranty

Parking brake

  • dual rear wheel parking brakes


  • not supplied (optional accessory)

Storm cover

  • not supplied (optional accessory)

VAT Free

  • eligible for VAT relief when purchased for a child with special needs

The Budget XL Special Needs Stroller is not ‘Crash Tested’ it cannot be used for transporting a child in a vehicle, if you need a pushchair which is Crash Tested and approved for use in a vehicle see the Trotter model. It is possible to fit a Buggy Board to the Budget XL to help transport a second child. We are advised by the distributor of the Buggy Board that they are confident that it can be fitted to the Budget XL Special Needs, although they have not specifically tested it (only ones which have been tested are explicitly listed on their website).

The Budget XL Special Needs Stroller is designed for an older child or larger child from say 3 to 8 years old, with a maximum weight of 110lbs (50kg), however we find that most children outgrow the leg length at about 35kg.

The Budget XL Special Needs Stroller has 7″ hard plastic non pneumatic wheels which operate well on smooth surfaces not rough ground.

The seat fabrics can be wipe cleaned with a sponge.

The Budget XL Special Needs Stroller comes a One Year Manufacturers Warranty but do be aware that this only covers defects of manufacture not ‘wear and tear’ – both the warranty and the safe working load may be significantly reduced if the child is not a co-operative occupant.

Whilst the Budget XL Special Needs Stroller may be used for someone with special needs the seat may be unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.


Length 36″ 92cm
Width 22″ 55cm
Gap between front wheels 11.5″ 29cm
Handle Height (bend – tip) 39.5-44″ 100-112cm
Wheels 7″ 17.5cm
Lower Leg (knee to footplate) Highest 8″ 20cm
Middle 10″ 25cm
Lowest 15″ 38cm
Footplate Depth 6″ 15cm
Seat Angle
Seat Back Width 14″ 36cm
Shoulder Width 15″ 38cm
Seat Width at Knee 14″ 36cm
Seat Depth 10″ 25cm
Seat Back Height 20″ 51cm
Wheel Diameter (Front & Rear) 7″ 17cm
Weight (approx.) With Footplate 16.75lbs 7.50kg
Without Footplate 14.5lbs 6.75kg
Maximum Load 110lbs 50kg


Length 46″ 117cm
Height 9″ 23cm
Width 12″ 30cm

• Budget XL (inc. footplate) – £219 + VAT (0%) minus SPECIAL OFFER £10 OFF AT CHECKOUT

• Budget XL (inc. footplate) + Storm Cover – £249 + VAT (0%)

• Budget XL (inc. footplate) + Sun Hood, Rain Cover, Basket & Chest Pad–– £299 + VAT (0%)

• Budget XL (inc. footplate) + Sun Hood, Rain Cover, Basket, Seat Liner, Footmuff & Chest Pad– £369 + VAT (0%)

For more information and to order your Budget XL online, visit our specialist ecommerce website:

Or call us on 01363 881110 and we will take your order over the phone.

There may be various sources for help with funding, not just for mobility equipment but also day to day living needs, e.g.

  • Disability Living Allowance - financial support from the Government
  • NHS Mobility Equipment
  • NHS Independent Wheelchair Vouchers/Personal Wheelchair Budget (England)
  • Charity Grants

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

This is a Benefit, financial support from the Government if your child has a health condition.

This is a universal benefit it is not means tested so it does not matter what your family income is or if you are receiving other Benefits.

You may not realise you are entitled to it and it is not for mobility alone it is to help with all sorts of additional costs you incur to support your child. If you are not already receiving DLA then we recommend you ask your health professional and visit here:

NHS Mobility Equipment

The NHS provides equipment through their Wheelchair Services Departments but it's much more than Wheelchairs which they supply, and for children often pushchairs.

To begin with you need to have your child assessed by your local NHS Wheelchair Services Department, you can find yours at this link below:

It is difficult to advise if your child will be eligible without contacting them because each Wheelchair Service either has different rules or interprets the rules differently.

For general guidance a child with a physical condition which affects their mobility is more likely to be eligible than a child with only a behavioural condition even though they may need mobility equipment for their safety.

If your child has both a behavioural condition and a physical condition then approach your local Wheelchair Services about the physical condition initially.

Some Wheelchair Services will deal with you direct without a referral from a health professional, others will ask you to get a referral from a health professional. Health professionals may be pessimistic about the likelihood of your child being eligible or predict it will take months, they are not always right so don't be put off, push for the referral.

It is also important to be rejected by the NHS for mobility equipment before applying for a Grant from a Charity because the Charities are not there to subsidise the NHS.

NHS Independent Wheelchair Vouchers/Personal Wheelchair Budget

Some families are deterred from applying for mobility equipment from the NHS because the equipment offered either does not suit the family's lifestyle or have the user friendly features which make using it a joy rather than a chore.

In particular no one seems to like the standard NHS wheelchairs which can be heavy, clunky, ugly, clumsy, uncomfortable, impractical...depressing. This is the sort of kit which can end up gathering dust in the garage without either providing a solution to the mobility need or saving the NHS money.

In England there is another option the Independent Wheelchair Voucher which most NHS areas are in the process of replacing with a similar scheme called the Personal Wheelchair Budget.

There is some guidance about it here:

You could think of the Independent Wheelchair Voucher as being like a Prescription for Aspirin which you would take to your local Pharmacy but instead it is a Prescription for a Pushchair (or at least part payment of one) which you bring to us. The value of the Voucher is calculated by your Wheelchair Service based on the child's needs and the cost if the equipment they would have given you. Vouchers can vary in value, we rarely see any worth less than £250 and we have seen some worth £1000.

You bring the Independent Wheelchair Voucher to us and we satisfy any requests the Wheelchair Service have to ensure the product is suitable for the child. If the pushchair you want us to supply costs £400 and you have an Independent Wheelchair Voucher for £250 then you pay the additional £150 direct to us. Once we have supplied the pushchair to you, and confirmed to the NHS that you have received it, then we invoice the NHS for the £250 Voucher.

If you choose the Independent Wheelchair Option then you are not eligible for NHS equipment for three years, generally (unless there has been a fundamental change in the child’s condition).

Charity Grants

We often supply the pushchairs to families on behalf of Charities, in particular:

Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children -

Action For Children -

Caudwell Children -

Children Today -

Boparan Charitable Trust -

Red Sun Hood

Large Sun Hood provides protection from direct overhead sunlight, it can help a child feel a little less 'exposed' in the pushchair.

More Information

Dark Blue Sun Hood

Large Sun Hood provides protection from direct overhead sunlight, it can help a child feel a little less 'exposed' in the pushchair.

More Information

Rain Cover

Helps to keep your child dry and happy, can also be used (even when not raining), to create a 'protective bubble' from cold weather.

More Information


Useful storage for some shopping, to carry extra clothing or perhaps a picnic for the park.

More Information

Storm Cover

The Storm Cover is a Rain Cover which has it's own framework so it does not need a Sun Hood for support (unlike the Maclaren Rain Cover).

More Information

Padded Seat Liner Red

The Padded Seat Liner makes the seat more comfortable, helps protect from under seat cooling and is easily machine washable for the occasional accident.

More Information

Red Footmuff

The red padded footmuff helps to protect a child's legs from the worst of the cold.

More Information

Blue Footmuff

The blue padded footmuff helps to protect a child's legs from the worst of the cold.

More Information

Cosy Cover

Suitable for a child who has outgrown the leg room in the Excel Elise Footmuff or if your child does not like to be fully enclosed. Helps to keep your child dry and shielded from cold wind.

More Information

Lateral Supports

Provide limited support for a child who is less able to manage their seated posture, and helps cushion the hard metal frame against accidental injury.

More Information

Chest Pad

Provides support to the chest area for additional comfort, it can also help to secure a child in the pushchair.

More Information

Universal Organiser

Useful extra storage conveniently situated on the back of the pushchair which you can access easily.

More Information

Lambskin Comfort Liner

This provides an insulated layer underneath a child, warm & cosy in cold weather, reducing underseat air cooling.

More Information

Winged Headrest

Provides some support and comfort for a child who has poor neck strength/head control, is asleep, or has suffered a seizure.

More Information

Lightweight Travel Bag

The Lightweight Travel Bag is generously sized making it easy to pack away the Budget XL including the Footplate and with room to spare for some accessories or other packing.

More Information

Heavy Duty Travel Bag

The Travel Bag is generously sized making it easy to pack away the Budget XL and with room to spare for some accessories or other packing.

More Information

Ankle Huggers

Helps keep a child's feet on the footplate.

More Information

Foot Restraint Straps

Basic webbing straps with effective velcro secure over the foot to the footplate.

More Information

The Budget XL comes with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty, for the original owner.

The Budget XL is distributed in the UK by Van OS Medical under the brand name Excel Elise.

How it Works

If you have a problem with your Budget XL, whether it's covered by the Warranty or not, please contact us in the first instance, 01363 881110 rather than the manufacturer, even though it is a manufacturers warantee.

We are experienced with the Budget XL and can often solve problems with advice by telephone or email, but if we are unable to resolve an issue then we can contact Van OS Medical for their help.

TIP - we know you have busy lives but five minutes reading the User Manual will avoid some basic problems as well as helping it work best for you. Please don't also forget that you are responsible for ongoing maintenance - cleaning and lubrication.

REMEMBER a manufacture's warranty is intended to help you if there is fault with the manufacturing workmanship or materials. The warranty will not cover misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or reasonable wear & tear. The Budget XL is designed to provide mobility for a child who cannot walk and who is a co-operative occupant. The Budget XL is not designed as a 'restraint device' for a child with challenging behaviour who may de-stabilise, break or inflict excessive wear and tear on the pushchair or accessories. Also please note warranty starts on the date of purchase and ends exactly 12 months later, if there is a fault with your pushchair within the first 12 months then the distributor may replace it outright, this replacement does not come with another 12 months warranty, e.g. you have a replacement delivered after 6 months, the replacement now only has 6 months warranty left.


In the unlikely event that your Budget XL needs to be Serviced by an Engineer then this would be done at their main centre near Leeds. We do not perform any servicing ourselves and there are no roaming service engineers who can visit your home to make a repair.