Advance Mobility Freedom

All Terrain Special Needs Pushchair for the active family, recreational use with both all terrain and sporting capabilities.

The Advance Mobility Freedom model is now the only All Terrain Special Needs Pushchair made by the Baby Jogger company. (they used to make a smaller Independence model which was discontinued in 2019)

Designed for the older child/young adult 10 years plus with a maximum weight limit of 200lbs (90kg), although it may also be used  a younger or smaller child.

The larger seat can also be useful for a smaller younger/smaller child requiring postural support where a seat insert would reduce the capacity.

The Key Features:


  • maximum weight limit 200lbs
  • 14 stone
  • 90 kg

Whatever unit of measure you use… its a lot !

Lightweight but robust aluminium frame

  • lifetime frame warranty
  • 12 months on wheels & fabrics etc.

Simple folding system

Combi steering system, comes with two easy interchange front wheel options

  • single 16″ wheel – ideal for jogging, rough terrain or general walking from “a to b”
  • small swivel wheels – ideal for town use and other ‘smooth’ surface situations where high manoeuvrability is required

Padded reclining seat

  • simple seat angle adjustment by rear straps

Running brake and parking brake

Quick release wheels

Five point adjustable height harness

Rain cover included

Multi-position sun canopy

Low maintenance

  • machine washable fabrics
  • heavy duty inner tubes (reduce punctures)

Foot straps

  • large footplate with slots to fit Foot Restraint Straps

VAT Free

  • eligible for VAT relief when purchased for a child/young adult with special needs

The Freedom pushchair is not ‘Crash Tested’, it cannot be used for transporting a child in a vehicle.

Please note that this product is intended for outdoor use, due to it’s size it is unlikely that it will be practical for an occupant to be loaded indoors and then wheeled out through a residential doorway.

Whilst the Advance Mobility Freedom may be used for someone with special needs the hammock style seat may be unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.


If you would like to see the Mobility Freedom & Independence models in action there are some videos on Youtube of events staged by AVAPACE – Cerebral Palsy Association in Valencia.
AVAPACE Challenge Run: 50 10Ks in 50 hours
Avapace Run Challenge “24 hours Non Stop Marathon Valencia” solidarity running

Advance Mobility Freedom is designed for an older child or young adult 10 years +, with a maximum weight of 200lbs (90kg).

The Advance Mobility Freedom has 16″ wheels fitted with pneumatic tyres using heavy duty thorn resistant inner tubes – which provide a smooth ride and puncture resistance. The wheels are quick release for more compact storage during transportation.

The seat and sun canopy fabrics are washable canvas.

The Advance Mobility Freedom comes with a lifetime frame warranty for the original owner. Soft Goods, e.g. fabrics & wheels have a 12 month warranty.

Whilst the Advance Mobility Freedom may be used for a child or young adult with special needs the hammock style seat makes it unsuitable for a child who requires postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.

Please note that this product is intended for outdoor use, due to it’s size it is unlikely that it will be practical for an occupant to be loaded in doors and then wheeled out through a residential doorway.

The Advance Mobility Freedom has not been ‘crash tested’ and is not suitable for transporting a child in a vehicle.

Please note that the specifications listed above are as accurate as is practical to give, they are rounded for ease of presentation and are subject to manufacturers change without notice. If a particular dimension is critical to you then contact us for an exact figure.


Length 66″ 168cm
Width 31″ 79cm
Handle Height 40″ 102cm
Wheelbase (distance from front axle to rear axle) 38.5″ 98cm
Lower Leg (knee to footplate) 17″ 43cm
Seat Angle

140 degrees

Seat Back Width 13″ 33cm
Shoulder Width 18″ 46cm
Seat Width at Knee 18″ 46cm
Seat Depth 15″ 38cm
Seat Back Height 27.5″ 70cm
Wheel Diameter (Front & Rear) 16″ 40cm
Weight 30 lbs 13.6kg
Maximum Load 200 lbs 90kg

Folded Wheels On

Length 53″ 135cm
Height 20″ 51cm
Width 31″ 79cm

Folded Wheels Off

Length 47″ 120cm
Height 15.5″ 40cm
Width 24″ 61cm

Advance Mobility Freedom - £860 + VAT (0%)

• Supplied with Fixed Front Wheel and Swivel Front Wheel Options, Rain Cover and Lambskin Comfort Liner

(inc. delivery to UK mainland)

For more information and to order your Advance Mobility Freedom online, visit our specialist ecommerce website:

Or call us on 01363 881110 and we will take your order over the phone.

There may be various sources for help with funding, not just for mobility equipment but also day to day living needs, e.g.

  • Disability Living Allowance - financial support from the Government
  • NHS Mobility Equipment
  • NHS Independent Wheelchair Vouchers/Personal Wheelchair Budget (England)
  • Charity Grants

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

This is a Benefit, financial support from the Government if your child has a health condition.

This is a universal benefit it is not means tested so it does not matter what your family income is or if you are receiving other Benefits.

You may not realise you are entitled to it and it is not for mobility alone it is to help with all sorts of additional costs you incur to support your child. If you are not already receiving DLA then we recommend you ask your health professional and visit here:

NHS Mobility Equipment

The NHS provides equipment through their Wheelchair Services Departments but it's much more than Wheelchairs which they supply, and for children often pushchairs.

To begin with you need to have your child assessed by your local NHS Wheelchair Services Department, you can find yours at this link below:

It is difficult to advise if your child will be eligible without contacting them because each Wheelchair Service either has different rules or interprets the rules differently.

For general guidance a child with a physical condition which affects their mobility is more likely to be eligible than a child with only a behavioural condition even though they may need mobility equipment for their safety.

If your child has both a behavioural condition and a physical condition then approach your local Wheelchair Services about the physical condition initially.

Some Wheelchair Services will deal with you direct without a referral from a health professional, others will ask you to get a referral from a health professional. Health professionals may be pessimistic about the likelihood of your child being eligible or predict it will take months, they are not always right so don't be put off, push for the referral.

It is also important to be rejected by the NHS for mobility equipment before applying for a Grant from a Charity because the Charities are not there to subsidise the NHS.

NHS Independent Wheelchair Vouchers/Personal Wheelchair Budget

Some families are deterred from applying for mobility equipment from the NHS because the equipment offered either does not suit the family's lifestyle or have the user friendly features which make using it a joy rather than a chore.

In particular no one seems to like the standard NHS wheelchairs which can be heavy, clunky, ugly, clumsy, uncomfortable, impractical...depressing. This is the sort of kit which can end up gathering dust in the garage without either providing a solution to the mobility need or saving the NHS money.

In England there is another option the Independent Wheelchair Voucher which most NHS areas are in the process of replacing with a similar scheme called the Personal Wheelchair Budget.

There is some guidance about it here:

You could think of the Independent Wheelchair Voucher as being like a Prescription for Aspirin which you would take to your local Pharmacy but instead it is a Prescription for a Pushchair (or at least part payment of one) which you bring to us. The value of the Voucher is calculated by your Wheelchair Service based on the child's needs and the cost if the equipment they would have given you. Vouchers can vary in value, we rarely see any worth less than £250 and we have seen some worth £1000.

You bring the Independent Wheelchair Voucher to us and we satisfy any requests the Wheelchair Service have to ensure the product is suitable for the child. If the pushchair you want us to supply costs £400 and you have an Independent Wheelchair Voucher for £250 then you pay the additional £150 direct to us. Once we have supplied the pushchair to you, and confirmed to the NHS that you have received it, then we invoice the NHS for the £250 Voucher.

If you choose the Independent Wheelchair Option then you are not eligible for NHS equipment for three years, generally (unless there has been a fundamental change in the child’s condition).

Charity Grants

We often supply the pushchairs to families on behalf of Charities, in particular:

Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children -

Action For Children -

Caudwell Children -

Children Today -

Boparan Charitable Trust -

Roll Cushion

Provides some support for the leg and calf areas improving comfort and posture.

More Information

Pelvic Strap

Helps to maintain the occupant’s position at the back of the seat especially where the occupant is unable to maintain their own seated position.

More Information

Lambskin Comfort Liner

This it provides an insulated layer underneath a child, warm & cosy in cold weather, reducing underseat air cooling.

More Information

Rain Cover

The Standard Rain Cover fits the Freedom when the Standard Footwell is fitted.

More Information

Travel Bag

Protects your Freedom pushchair from knocks & bumps in transit (especially on airlines)...but does not protect against crushing

More Information

Lap Tray

The Lap Tray provides a useful space for toys, books or gadgets.

More Information

Microbead Cushion

Roll cushion containing microbeads with stretchy Spandex fabric cover is a multipurpose cushion, e.g. it could be used to pack out the side of a seat to provide ad hoc support.

More Information

Dual Action Mini Pump

Hopefully you won't need a pump! But if you do need one then you might as well have a good one.

More Information

Foot Restraint Straps

Basic webbing straps with effective velcro secure over the foot to the footplate.

More Information

Advance Mobility's Limited Frame Warranty

Advance Mobility warrants that the frame is free of manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the product. Manufacturer's defects include but are not limited to the breaking of welds and frame tube damage.

Textile or soft side materials and all components other than the frame shall be warranted for one year from the date of purchase (except for tubes and tires).

Proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim and the warranty is only extended to the original owner. Shipping is not covered under the warranty as it is a service that is provided by an outside source. All decisions regarding whether a product is under warranty or not is at the discretion of Advance Mobility.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Incorrect assembly, or the installation of third party parts or accessories not compatible with the original design
  • Accidental or intentional damage, abuse or neglect
  • Commercial use
  • Improper storage/care of the unit

How the Advance Mobility Warranty Works

If you have a problem with your Advance Mobility Freedom, whether it's covered by the Warranty or not, please contact us in the first instance, 01363 881110, rather than the manufactuer Baby Jogger Consumer Care even though it is a Manufacturer's Warranty.

IMPORTANT The warranty is operated in the UK by the UK distributor Baby Jogger Consumer Care. If you are outside of the UK then you may need to return it to the UK in the event of a claim on the warranty. The distributor is responsible for the direct costs of fulfilling the warranty but not for any costs related to sending it to the UK or returning it to you. Similarly any parts sent out will require payment of transport charges for delivery if outside the UK.