Advance Mobility - Liberty

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Trotter special needs crashed tested transport chair

The Liberty model is one of two smaller Special Needs Pushchairs made by Advance Mobility a division of the Baby Jogger company.

Designed for the older child of size from 5 to 10 years, with a maximum weight limit of 100lbs (45kg).

The larger seat can also be useful for a younger child requiring postural support where a seat insert (for example a Burnett or Stabilo Vacuum Support Cushion System or even just Microbead Cushions) would reduce the capacity.

The pushchair itself, and the seat size for the occupant, is broadly the same as the Independence model, the main differences are that the Liberty has:

dual swivel front wheels

more manoeuvrable around town compared to the fixed wheel Independence
harder work off road or in areas with steep hills
not recommended for jogging
not possible to extend footwell for child with longer leg (i.e. no 'MAX' conversion kit as with the Independence model)

wider seat

better fit for a broader occupant

adjustable handle

optimum pushing height for you

For guidance we would recommend the Liberty for those people:

  • whose lifestyle is primarily urban usage
  • where the occupant is broader across the shoulders
  • where the occupant is of standard build so that they will have outgrown the weight & width by the time the leg is also too short due to the swivel wheels.
  • if the carer is accustomed to a swivel wheel pushchair and does not mind potentially limiting the useful lifespan of the pushchair in order to get this attribute
  • if the carer is not tall, e.g. less that 5ft tall (as the alternative Independence handle bar could be too tall)

If you want a pushchair:

  • to go off road....and do it really well
  • to be convertible, extending the lifespan of the pushchair for a slim lightweight occupant older than 10 years
  • which can have foot restraint straps

...then the Independence may be preferable.

If in doubt then call us to discuss !

We also sell a larger model with a weight limit of 200lbs, the Freedom.

The Key Features

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  • capacity

    • maximum weight limit 100lbs, 7 stone, 45kg
  • lightweight but robust aluminium frame

    • lifetime frame warranty
    • 12 months on wheels & fabrics etc.)
  • large 12" & 16" wheels

    • highly manoeuvrable around town and fine on light duty off road surfaces
  • padded reclining seat

    • simple seat angle adjustment by rear strap
  • parking brake

    • dual rear wheel positive action parking brake
    • (plus handle safety wrist strap)
  • storm cover NOT included

    we regret we are now unable to supply a Rain Cover
  • storage

    • good sized underseat basket
    • rear seat storage net
    • zipped pocket for keys/cards etc.
  • low maintenance

    • machine washable fabrics
    • heavy duty inner tubes (reduce punctures)
  • VAT Free

    • eligible for VAT Relief when purchased for a child/young adult with special needs

the Liberty pushchair is not 'Crash Tested' it cannot be used for transporting a child in a vehicle

If the occupant has a longer upper leg length than the pushchair's natural 15" deep seat can support then the Roll Cushion accessory may help in some instances.

If the occupant is unable to maintain their seated position then the Pelvic Strap may be helpful.

The Trabasack Lap Desk is also a valuable accessory which works well with the Liberty pushchair.

Please note:

1. this product is intended for outdoor use, due to it's size it may not be practical for use indoors or shops.

2. the product comes 'flat packed' and requires some putting together before first use - but it's not difficult and does not take very long.

The Liberty is now only available in Navy Blue, the Red has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

For specifications please visit Advance Mobility Independence Specifications

or download the detailed User Manual this is in the Adobe pdf format, if you do not have Acrobat Reader installed you can install it free

Whilst the Advance Mobility Liberty may be used for someone with special needs the hammock style seat makes it unsuitable if they require postural management support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your Physiotherapist.

Red - Discontinued colour

Red - Discontinued colour

Red - Discontinued colour tel: 01363 881110

Every child is an individual with individual needs it is not therefore possible to state that these special needs pushchairs will be suitable for every child. We have supplied these pushchairs for children with the following conditions:

ADHD, Angelman Syndrome, ASD, Atrx Syndrome, Autism, Barth Syndrome, Brain Tumour, Cerebral Palsy, Chromosome Disorder, Cornelia De-Lange Syndrome, CP, Developmental Dysplaysia, Diastrophic Dysplaysia, Downs Syndrome, Encephalitis, Epilepsy, Fragile X Syndrome, Global Development Delay, Heart Condition, Hemiplegia, Hypermobility, Hypotonic, Lissencephally, Low Muscle Tone, Microcephaly, Muscular Dystrophy, Ohtahara Syndrome, Pneumocoocal Meningitis, Pulmonary Stenosis, Rett Syndrome, Scoliosis, Sotos Syndrome, Spastic Diplegia, Spina Bifida, Tetrasomy, Tuberous Sclerosis.